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Beginning a church can be likened to building a house. Ultimately, the Lord is the one who does the building, through his laborers (Psalm 127).

Christ Community PCA started as a church plant of Community Presbyterian Church, meaning we were a mission church of the Presbyterian Church in America before particularizing in 2017. What began as a bible study meeting in various homes has grown into what you see today!


Christ Community bought its first building in 2012, and the Lord has since provided the means to do multiple remodels. Located right off highway 11 and only 1 mile north of downtown, we couldn’t have been more excited to be in the heart of the city of Springville. It has always been our hope that we would be considered a priceless part of the community surrounding us.  We wholeheartedly believe everyone in Springville benefits from the presence of the Gospel, even if some do not embrace and believe its message of hope. We strive to be a positive aspect of the community as the Holy Spirit works through us to make known the Son of God to His people. 

The work of building a church body includes bringing together people with a common vision, and developing relationships and ministries. God is at work in the body of Christ Community PCA, and we would love to invite you to worship with us this Lord's day. 

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